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How do I know if someone has a gambling problem?

If you are concerned that someone’s gambling may have become a problem – it may be useful to read through the following list of common signs of problem gambling. A problem gambler may go to great lengths to conceal the extent of their gambling which can make it difficult to spot.

Money-related signs

  • unexplained debt or borrowing
  • money or assets disappearing
  • numerous loans
  • unpaid bills or disconnection notices
  • lack of food in the house
  • losing wallets or money regularly
  • missing financial statements
  • secret bank accounts, loans or credit cards

Interpersonal issues

  • moodiness, unexplained anger
  • depression
  • decreased contact with friends
  • family complaints about being emotionally shut out
  • avoidance of social events
  • control or manipulation by threat, lies or charm
  • secretiveness about activities

Time-related signs

  • disappearing for amounts of time that they cannot account for
  • having no time for everyday activities
  • overusing sick days and days off
  • spending increased amounts of time on studying gambling
  • taking an unusual amount of time for tasks (for example, taking two hours to get milk from the corner store).

If you think someone you know has a gambling problem, or if someone’s gambling is having an impact on your life – it can really help to talk to someone about it. Our text-based live support service is available to anyone affected by gambling.