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Hi, good question.

You have already had a couple of good answers.

Regarding the finances there are ways to draw a line. There are lots of options these days – from repayment plans through to bankruptcy. You don’t need to clear the big scary total, you need to get things to a manageable weekly/monthly budgeted amount. Get some proper financial advice and you will be able to do that. Whatever you do with the finances though that isn’t the total answer. Even bankruptcy can mean more available cash with which to gamble if the addiction isn’t addressed.

An honest question requires honest answers though. Some of those answers are in the form of more questions. You have lost a large sum of money recently, have you now put financial barriers and accountability in place? You have just got back from the casino? Have you now got yourself banned from there and others in your area?

When you are going about doing your deliveries what non gambling activities have you got planned for your free time? Things to fill both time and thoughts away from gambling.

What support are you using? Getting to local Gamblers Anonymous meetings?

Read the other stories here, look at the advie you have been getting. It is important to not “just” stop gambling. We put a lot of effort into our gambling, we need to put the same effort into our recovery.

Keep posting and let us know what positive actions you are taking.