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What me really wonders, is that there are not more active gamblers using this page. There are so many addicts, who struggle over jears, without any kind of therapy. Or they struggle so hard cause there is no therapy.
Gambling isn’t seen as such an hard addiction in society. I’ve talked to many doctors over the jears, about my problem, but nearly no one of them really knew more about problem gambling.
Thats a tragic situation i think. Gambling did the greatest damage of all the addictions I’ve ever had. A lot of other people in same situations expirienced it the same way, suicide thoughts, stealing money and food- such things make feel you like you are the worst peace of shit. To accept what you’ve done,
to finance your addiction is very hard when you’ve done such bad things. I just once stole 100€ from my boyfriend’s safe, that made me felt so terrible, that I never did again. But I’ve heard from fathers who stole money from their children, thats a hard fact to live with. Stay in focus, in this one position where you are in balance of your emotions and needs, might be the way to prevent more life destruction.

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