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Today was a rough day as I helped assist in a search and rescue for someone in my area. I lost my mom when I was young,she went missing before she was found deceased so it was important for me to be of service to friends of mine to find there family member. The person was found deceased today though. The hardest part for me was hearing in the briefing that the person took off because of fincial hardship. For me it was an instant trigger of emotion being someone who destroyed my life fincially speaking with this addiction. I definitely went to a place of instant guilt for how I acted or felt during the times of depression and just not wanting to be alive. The biggest lesson I took from this is how much we can effect people with the places we go over money. Nobody deserves to suffer especially family because of a mistake with finances. It’s just money and I get how important it is, but losing a life over it is not the way to go. The self centered actions of what can be done to the family and friends in your life is by far the worst thing you can do. I think I’m posting this as a message to all those out there that feel like ending things do to the fincial devastation please realize there is help out of the fincial problems. It may not always feel like it but there is and there’s help for the addiction as well. I think this addiction has one of the highest suicide rates from what I’ve witnessed and I just hope and pray that people will fight tooth and nail to get the proper help they need.