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Great to meet you in the chat, Lizbeth.
As we well know by now, our debts and bills will never be solved by gambling.
Gambling created a huge % of our problems.
I can totally understand that your finances seem like your biggest worry now, but there are far more important things in life, Lizbeth.
When we get a few G free months under our belt our finances will improve, however slightly or slowly it may seem.
Just try to recall that the last time we got money together, we threw it away. And the time before and the time before that.
What you and I need to do is secure our funds.
I think an appointment with a Financial Agency (lots of free advice available) would help you to see things more clearly.
Calculating in your head is soul destroying.
I do it all the time. When you see it on paper and budget for different expenses it clears your mind.
I handed over a credit card to the defaulters after they did an expenditure list with me. It helped in more ways than one. I realised how much I could save on small everyday items.
I know you have been down this road already, Lizbeth but keep seeking advice. The proverbial penny will eventually drop. you will see your income as YOURS and not something to be thrown away.
Keep t simple.