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Holy shit it’s hot today! 29 degrees is a good heat to be working inside… Said no one… Ever!
Back down to 5 grand in my savings. I was knocking on 6 grands door a few weeks ago but I’ve been a bit of a mad spender recently. I finally got my first pair of Gerrard boots a while back after searching about ten years. Now all of a sudden I’ve got myself another pair. Couple that with the pair of match worn Alonso boots I’ve just negotiated off another collector and the 390 quid necklace I bought the lady, it’s been a busy few weeks for my bank account. So far I’ve not been tempted back into gambling. Well, that’s a lie. I’ve not gambled, but I’m still being tempted. Even as soon as an hour ago I listened to a fella playing the bandit at work. I can hear the coins passing through to let me know it’s ready to drop. I’ve mentioned before, it’s a guaranteed profit. But the point isn’t that I can get a quick win. The point is, that the win could and would lead to further losses and that’s what sobers me up when I stop and think about it.
I’ve recently acquired my first ever credit card this week. I need to build up a decent credit rating. Alarm bells will ring for some, but I’ve every confidence in myself to keep things under control. I let myself and my family down with what I originally did. I’m hell bent on eventually rectifying it.