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I have done a huge amount of clearing out since I wrote this morning. – I am finding my journal so useful right now – it helps me reinforce the good work I am doing and also explore my thoughts around gambling .

I am doing an amazing clear out— things which were hard to let go – because I could sell them – are being sent to recycling at an startling rate. I will not need to sell them because I no longer gamble and will never need the few miserable quid these things will bring .
My thoughts have changed – I no longer need the escape route that this stuff represented .

I might have to return several times today to comment on my progress as there is actually no one in the whole world I can explain this to outside this site !

The only negative thing is the thought which keeps creeping into my head that I could get the whole house decorated if I could get a good win. However sensible brain knows this particular strategy has never worked out !