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Thank you for your thoughts, it is apprecieated more than you know.
I arrived home this morning.  Im not sure what to say, leaving my sister was one of the most difficult things i have done for a very long time, although i know that there is so much support for her there, and on the way.
The funeral is not until Tuesday, as they had to wait for the coroners report and for the many many relatives and freinds to arrive in Darwin.  We spent the week making arrangements, and they were many.  Every day we had a list of a couple of things that had to be done.  My poor sister, she was exhausted, not to mention so unbelieveably sad and grief stricken.  I hope that we were able to take some of the burden off.
It was a week of sadness, but also a week of reflecting on Marks life, the funny things he did, the way he drove us mad, but the thing i remember the most is his dancing.  The funniest dancer i have ever seen.  Its times like this that remind me of how lucky i am , how things can change in a blink. 
Anyway, im thankful that gambling is not one more problem i have in my life, and yes, it does creep in occasionally, but i cant imagine how i could have possibly coped this week if i had been gambling as well.  Im grateful for small mercies.  I hope you have all had a good week, and maybe i will see you on the weekend chat.
Take care everyone, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan