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Hi Kathryn
Thanks for your lovely reply on my thread. I was delighted to read it, though saddened that you would feel that you are not ‘worthy’ to post in F&F… or that you are ‘the baddie’. Please don’t feel like that, you have so much insight to offer.
As the ex-partner of CG I am always pleased to see posts from RCG’s like dek and vera (among others) on the family and friends pages, because they are open, honest and frank. They often say things that i would like to post but i sometimes feel if I said it, it would/could come across as bitterness (because i am the ex partner of a CG). So if you feel like popping in…. please do! This site is an AMAZING community (unlike any i have come across on the internet), and we can all learn from each other.
ALL of us on this site are in recovery of some form or other. As partners/family/friends of CG, our recovery involves having to face the hard honest truth of the illness that affects our lives. Many of us are in our own form of denial. The reason we come here is to get perspective. Your input ( and the input of others from ‘journal’ ) adds to that perspective.
Kathryn you should be mighty proud of your 44 days! And given the added challenges the universe has sent you at this time you are proving that you are made of strong stuff…. (even if you dont quite feel it just now)
sending you a big cyber-high-five! (LOL)
Love and light
 ‘The will of God will never take you, where the grace of God will not protect you’