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The only thing that comes to mind is the "one eyed one horned flying purple people eater".  I’m sure Brea will find just the right name for the new car!  My first car was a bright orange 1970 Volkswagon Beetle, whose name was Manfred.  Don’t remember why, but that was "his" name.  My current car is called "Soupy" because it resembles a soup can on wheels.  There have been many in between, but I won’t ever forget Manfred.  Just as Brea will never forget her first car.  What a lovely mum and dad you are…want to adopt me?  I even come with my own car!
I was quite touched by your post on the grocery store.  It is those small things that make this journey so worthwhile.  Like you, I bought the cheapest of the cheap, and often not much of that in the gambling years.  I used to panic if my daughter ever said "mom I need to take cupcakes to school" because there wasn’t even $2.00 left over for a mix to make them.  I refuse to live like that again.  But it took time to appreciate that what I HAD was worth more than gambling.  Of course, I was always going to win enough money to buy a bakery! 
It’s raining buckets today, I’m such a greedy person that I want MORE summer.  Alas, the rubber flip-flops are packed away and won’t see the light of day for six months.    My toes are already screaming in protest. But it’s a good day to stay in, I don’t feel well and so I don’t need to venture out.  Have a wonderful weekend K!