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Hey K
Hows that new hair do looking babe?! Wow, what with your new hair, two perfectly shaped eyebrows (as opposed to one LOL), AND your skinny jeans……..Sydney just wont know what hit it!!!!! Britney can just exit-stage left, while the spotlight shines on our kathryn! OOOH you must be so excited. I;m excited for you!
Good on you for getting bailey sorted with his school work. Wont mr gorgeous be proud of you!? haha. (ok enough said by me bout teachers, we’ll keep THAT to ourselves LOL).
God i so feel for Jode with the wedding debacle! I am always so glad to receive a wedding invitation, as a guest, just to know i can wear whatever i damn well want! What is it with some brides who choose hideous and unflattering outfits? i’m sure there must be some weird psychology behind the phenomenon, but i’m blowed if i know what it is!!
Sadly, i think my advice to her would be ‘suck it all in baby, suck it up, and wear the damn dress with a sense of humour, and a very large glass of gin and tonic on the side!!!’ (think patsy. Abfab. She wore some godawful outfits but she was always hysterically glamourous and gorgeous despite all that satin/chintz/lycra) Much love jodes.xxxx
Thanks for your lovely post on my thread chook. I am accepting of what ‘just IS’. its all about serenity isn’t it.
However, i fully reserve the right to completely change my attitude and outlook, at the first sign of this woman getting involved in my childrens lives and messing with their heads. serenity could all go out the window! haha. (i hope not! will keep you posted)
Big big hugs, hope the hair didnt fall out.
Love and light
Meg xxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"