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Hi All,
Im thinking of applying for a new job.  Well, it wont be my only job, its only 6 hours a week at this stage BUT it is a foot in the door of the public sector. Its more an admin job.  Usually i jump right in and go for these things.  This time, im having a think (although i have already done the cover letter…lol)
I can stay at my current job as a casual,  and pick up shifts when i need to, which for a while would be essential.  Im just wondering if the timing is right, it may be fate that this has come up now, when i am ready to look for something else and Harry is starting school next year.  Im going to ring the woman who advertised, just to get an idea of hours and days.  I want to do something completely different, and this sure is.
Anyway, just jotting my thoughts, have a great day all,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!