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Ms. K:  Thanks for the post.  A trip to LA with Jode sounds like a wonderful plan.  Be sure to rent a car and drive up and down the coast.  I haven’t been, but my sisters, nieces and nephews love California and travel there often.  I think I may just copy you on that plan and see if my best friend want to do a spa trip next year.
You will be pleased to know that I accomplished the following today:  walked the dog for 40 minutes (almost froze my butt off), spent three hours planning the four areas of my life (business, family, home and personal)  … first over 90 days, then over 30, then for the next 7.  I know EXACTLY what I have to do for my business tomorrow.  I am COMMITTED to making this happen.  It’s great to have a sense of direction, at last. I also spent two hours with the boys on homework and daily study drills.  I rock!!
I’ve decided to put the finance portion of it out of my mind for now and just focus on what I am passionate about.  When I’m closer to the money rolling in, I will put controls in place. That will probably mean getting our accountant(to whom I will FINALLY be accountable) more active.  I think if I asked hubby, it would make me feel constrained again and lead to more arguing (and God knows, we don’t need that)!!
I am so thrilled to hear that you’re being proactive about filling in your "gaps".  I hope your experience is every bit as positive as mine.  Will you go to a counsellor specializing in gambling addiction?  I don’t have a one-one-one this week, but I have group on Thursday (haven’t had for two weeks).  I can’t wait!  I’m going to read over all the material my counsellor has given me again this week.  I’ll share any "pearls" on my thread.
Anyway, I’m considering going on a solo walk even though the temperature is hideously low. If not, I’ll do a Tae Bo workout or yoga. I’m determined to do at least another 40 minutes.
Hope to see you in group tomorrow.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.