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Hi Kathryn,
I haven’t started a thread – I just jumped on a thread and wrote something and I think yours was the first I read. I haven’t really worked out how everything is set up. Give some advice about how the threads work if you like.
My three daughters support the Saints, with their dad, who has supported them all his life, so I suppose that can be my team too – especially since they are doing so well this year!
I live in Melbourne and love it. Grew up in Sydney and born in Adelaide! where are you, if you want to say?
I like the idea of wrinkle cream – something to aim for!!
I was interested in listening in on the women’s group session on Wednesday. Is it 10pm our time and do I just click on the connect sign. I got on to the live advice lifeline today to try it, which was good.
Thanks for replying,
Alison  (Daisy is my sign in so I have probably confused things!)