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As much as I respect Charles’ advice to be 100% honest, I don’t want gambling to be who/what I am – just a part of what will some day hopefully be my distant past.

The way I see it… We all have skeletons in our closet – every living person. I wouldn’t expect him to list out all his past mistakes and wrongdoings; so why should I.

The gambling part of my life has only affected me personally, if it were to ever (god forbid) affect him then I agree that I should tell all.

Take the CG part of my life away and I’m a very selfess, funny, successful young businesswoman. This is the woman he fell in love with. I have lost my confidence on myself recently and don’t particularly like myself… If I also had him looking at me differently I’m not sure id ever learn to find and love the REAL me again.

I will not let the addiction win. I will not let it determine the rest of my life. I will work hard to make myself the person I know I can be.