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Dark Energy

why I have traded again?
the short answer will be to gain money, that’s it.

I really think this is the answer not any kind of rush that the other members are talking about I never felt that way ” I feel very stressed and miserable in the middle of it”.

so to gain money? did it work in the past? the answer is no then why I am repeating it?
Is it I am still not accepting that what I have lost I will never gain it back and I am still chasing my losses and I have never stopped doing so, maybe.

Is it stress relief?
is it the hope that I can fix what I have damaged?
is it the dream of financial freedom and this is the only way that I think I can use to reach it.?
Is it my age? I am in my middle thirty’s and after many years of wrong decisions and few years of gambling addiction I am really behind in the game of life. is this an easy fix?

maybe it is all the above.