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Well done on your first counselling session, it’s great to hear you’re feeling the benefits of it already, onwards and upwards buddy!

That option to cancel a pending withdrawal is the worst, I can’t ***** how many times I’ve lost an entire win by slowly cancelling more and more of the withdrawal trying to chase something bigger. It sounds like that little relapse has only just served to fuel your desire to be gamble free even more. As you no longer have access to online casinos anymore, this last experience will serve as a reminder to why.

Really enjoying reading of your success so far, especially since our stories are quite similar, long may it continue for us both. Some work ahead for us to repair the financial damages, but I’m excited to do it knowing I’m finally out of the trap and I’m no longer facing it alone.

Good shout on that Alan Car audiobook, I listened to that last week – it’s bloody brilliant, completely retrains your way of thinking around gambling, couldn’t recommend it more!

Good luck and keep the updates coming!