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      davlen 2

      Hi everyone.
      i cant access my old thread for some reason so i had to reregister?
      its my 2 year anniversary today. 2 years from which point i decided i had to change my life. when i say decided it was a straight choice. no life or new life.
      i cant pretend it has been easy. the first few months were especially tough tho nothing compared to the lying cheating self loathing feelings i lived with night and day for many years.
      i wont go into my story from day one as its all on this site somewhere under Davlen. the many special people on this site that i shared those experiences with will know my story anyway.
      i am now only 6 months away from clearing my humungus gambling debts from a five year payment plan. my life is that of a different person. i remember so clearly kidding myself that to stop gambling would completely change my character. i was known always to be smiling {on the outside} and full of fun with the witty one liners. i worried that the circle of friends i had wouldnt look at me in the same way.  
      the simple fact is that i have the same circle of friends except now they know me for who i am and my smile is no longer a mask hiding the gambling demons within but a sign of just how much i love life.
      work is going great as i can now focus on the job in hand rather than how im going to explain or hide from my family just how much i’d lost this month. ive just got an improved rate on my new franchise so the money worries have eased slightly.
      Me and the mrs decided that we needed a fresh approach to our eating habits  [as we’re both the wrong side of 39] and  i have lost 35lb whilst she has lost even more. im the lightest and healthiest i have been for well over 10 years.
      my last thought is for those people who have been there in person throught all of the ups and downs of which there have been so many. my friends, my family and most of all my lovelly wife Helen. i just hope over the next few years i can make it up to her for sticking by me through my darkest days and enjoy the rest of our lives with our kids.
      to anyone going through what i was 2 years ago i would say this. listen to others that have or are sharing your experiences. talk to the experts in the live help forums. Put all the barriers in place that can help you fight back against the gambling urges that will surely come. you are not alone. many 1000s of peple understand what you are going through tho it is all about you.
      its about you making the decision to change/ save your life and its about you having the desire and the commitment to follow it through.
      i am not trying to preach as in no way do i see myself as an ex gambler who beat the son of a bitch. i am and always will be a compulsive gambler, tho when i wake tomorrow i will choose not to gamble today.
      thanks for listening/reading
      Regards Dave 

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      hi dave what a wonderfull post,thanks for shareing, it gives out so much hope.its has certainly given me a lift thanks mate and take care  pepegods speed

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      Really its a wonderfull post
      Congratulation dave

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      غير معروف

      What a great post Dave!  And you are a true inspiration on what all of our lives can be like is we just hang in there and fight the fight.  Continued blessings to you and your family!If you are heading in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns!

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      Originally posted by Davlen 2
      … its my 2 year anniversary today. 2 years from which point i decided i had to change my life. when i say decided it was a straight choice. no life or new life. …
      … its about you making the decision to change …

      Good evening Dave, Congratulations on your achievement. 
      I do not recall if i have posted to you before so I will take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Larry and I am a Compulsive Gambler, my last bet was August 13, 2009.  Tonight I celebrated my 1 Year anniversary at my Monday night GA meeting; I don’t know if having 2 years can make one feel any better then I did on the 13th and tonight, but I am looking forward to finding out. 
      Your post says a lot for those of us following in your path, particularly the newer ones in recovery; we need only take heed to your words and to listen to others that have or are sharing our experiences. Recovery is about right decisions and change. Thanks for your advice and encouragement.
      You will find your other topics in some post following this one. Plus there is this thread, "holding on" that has been closed: .
      God’s speed. Stay strong. Keep aware. Continue to enjoy the rest of your life – "You get out what you put in".

      "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will continue to be  gambling free.– 8/17/2010 5:22:25 AM: post edited by paul315.

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      Hi Dave
      I really enjoyed reading your post, it gave me so much hope and encourages me to keep going day by day.. well done Dave on changing your life around.  So nice to see such a positive and rewarding post
       P – Living and Learning

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      غير معروف

      Hi Dave,Long time no speak!!
      Congratulations on your continued success and well done on nearly clearing your debts. Funny you say about the eating I have been eating all the right things and been to the gym 3 or 4 ***** a week since Xmas and it definately makes a big difference, losing 35lb’s is another great achievement, you’ll be running a marathon next!!!
      As always Dave i’m following your lead.
      Take Care
      CarlMy soul is back

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      Dear Dave
      Thank you ************

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      you’ve come a long way Dave. You’re right. Recovery is not easy, but replacing no life with a new life, no matter how difficult it may be will bring rewards beyond your wildest dreams, and that’s what you deserve!
      You really are an inspiration to all !
      God bless!

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      davlen 2

      thankyou so much everyone for your kind posts.
      coming back on here after not posting for a while has just reminded me what a boost it is to get such support from so many people that understand and live through the experiences i have. for any of you that visit f@f you may be able to guess who my wife is who has shared all the highs and lows over our time together. i say this as i know the support from those on f’@f for her has been an essential part in inabelling her to try to understand the actions of a compulsive gambler and to help us work through things together.  i would just urge any cg in a relationship to think about asking their partner to visit the forum. as i firmly believe it can only benefit both yoursand their recovery. 
      Regards Dave

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