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      Wow ! Hard to believe I logged in here almost 3 years ago. Funny how the odds haven’t changed in 3 years; they still win, we still lose. We win twice, they win the next 200 times. We get to win 1 more and then they win the next 422 times.
      So many of the veterans on here always say "no amount will ever be enough, we will constantly want for more" – such a true (yet strange) phenomenon. A reasonable person would play $20, win $30, take the $50 ticket to a cashier, put the money in the bank the following day and maybe, just mayyyyyybe go back on their next birthday or other special event.
      We, we just can’t get the message after the 947th time we play, then lose, then lose some more, then borrow, borrow some more, lie, cheat, steal, cry, quit, act normal for 10 days, go back, win 10 times what we gambled, give it all back. Stare at the lights, shake our head, shrug our shoulders, get in the cold car and drive away.
      Keep asking ourselves, "have you had enough yet" – apparantly not. Trip #2134 to the favorite get-away, with a record of 3 wins and 2,131 losses. Yeh, trip #2135 will be "THEE one" and it will be so huge it will make up for all of the heartaches and 5-figures that are lost.
      Poof, its all gone. Never coming back. Not coming back by way of a jackpot, a windfall, an inheritance, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, an error at the bank (in our favor), nope it IS ALL GONE but keep dreaming. You gave it away but never to a worthy cause. You never helped anyone with your donations. Your donation helped to build more rooms, buy uglier carpets to go under the dysfunctional machines. All that money you left there is appreciated and next time you drive by and see all the lush landscaping, just know that your donation helped them purchase the colorful flowers surrounding the entrance sign.
      Funny how the exit sign isn’t as decorated as the entrance. I’m sure they miss you already.
      They’re probably heart-broken.
      Frozen (again)

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