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      I am back again with my tail between my legs. I did not ever quit. I have been gradually digging myself in deeper and deeper and have no one to blame but myself. I can’t even make 7 days without getting the urge to be lulled by the games!!!! I am trying to get an appointment but it is so hard with covid. Online appointments for group are only good if you are available when everyone else is. I need to be accountable to someone. No one, save my sister, knows of my addiction and I answer only to myself and we all know how reliable an addict is as a self check mechanism. I will answer to you, whomever is out there reading this post. I will tell you when I screw up and you will know. It will be a written history of my attempts and hopefully, knowing maybe one person is watching my journey, I will feel accountability for my failures.

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      Hey Berta,we are all here for the hope,kind words and someone to read our story,i will do the same.Il post when ever i fail with my rehab and i will try again.
      Wish you all the best on this road.

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