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      I always said if there is one thing I will not be, it’s a gambler, of course I always had a bet on the ( winner of the grand national, the winner of the world cup, etc.etc.). I went to my friends house one night who I had not seen in years as I had left my home town for a better life, only to have to return after the death of my father, on this night his older brother was hosting a Texas Holden night for him and his friends, I had no clue how to play poker let alone this brand of it, Texas Holden has never been an addiction of mine yet I play regularly , but after I left my home town again Texas Holden, which I thought was a good way to meet like minded people and socialise) was my introduction to my first casino. After a brief period of time playing poker in the casino I got to know a lot of people who were daily faces, as I had become at this stage, some would play blackjack on a break and some would play roulette on a break, at first I couldn’t understand why the same group would nt take use of their short break and get food, drink or just go for a smoke, so eventually became inquisitive and would stand and watch them play various table games, then once again after a short period of time, decided as most first time casino gamblers decide to do is start betting even money chances such as, ( red or black on roulette or low stakes blackjack), little did I know where this road was leading to, ( as the casino wished for, with their free bet promos,free meal promos,every promo under the sun to catch young adults who quickly get “the buzz” and can’t control it, it’s funny but it took me a while to realise that Texas Holdem,(the biggest draw to a casino in the modern day) is the biggest promo of all to get us unwitting poker enthusiasts to become impulsive gamblers. I am not blaming the casinos or any other person for my addiction as they are not doing anything against the law but just having ” keep in control of your gambling brochures” behind the bar is not enough for companies who are just there (to entertain). The casino was only the start of my avalanche into gambling, which has nearly cost me everything precious to me, it is on the verge of costing me the most precious off all, which is my new life, the most amazing woman in the world and her spectacular kids) I eventually became overrun by gambling it was my everything, nothing mattered , I would go without food, sleep, women, fun, life for years, thinking the money I made from slots in the morning would get me to the bookies where if I was lucky enough get out of there with money would get me to poker, which would get me to the tables, and so on for three years. So here I am 10 years after that game of poker, but more importantly six after hitting the tables, my first post, on the edge of losing everything, it’s the fist time I am saying to the world, I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!

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