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Hi Softandrezed, well done on looking for help.

If you read the other stories here you wil read a lot that you will relate to, You will also see the success stories and the sorts of thign s that ahve helped others stop gambling. Barriers help, particularly in the early days. Thgings like getting excluded from the places/sites where you usally gamble. Things like gettign a blocker for your devices which will make you less able t gamble online. It soun ds like your family know about your problem? Then I expect there will be someone who can help you with some of the financial barriers you will read about. Things like accountability and limitinh access to funds with which to gamble.

Most importantly use support, there is a lot of it about these days. If you can connect to one of the groups here I can talk you through some of the options you have in your area.

Keep posting and let us know the positive steps that you are taking.