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If I were to use one word to sum up my impression of you, Charlster, I would say „CALM“!
Yet you have written that you suffer(ed?) from stress, anxiety and depression .
Your resilience and determination have lead to to where you are today and to the future road to recovery.
Good luck with your GP visit. I hope it’s just routine. Personally, I go by my body but the best advice is probably to follow what your GP says!!!?? So they tell me!
On a practical level, can you get the Post Office to hold on to, or divert your mail while you are away ?
I’m sure GMA have dealt with clients who have similar concerns. Can you you ask them in advance if you can use their online facilities to pay utility bills or inquire in your local CAB or Social Welfare office to find out what services are available?
Strange how these things never seemed to bother us when we were in the throes of gambling.
I need to go to my GP tomorrow for a medical report for insurance purposes following a car crash. I feel like a criminal. Yet, I had no bother arranging HUGE loans to gamble.
Life is strange ! We only see the reality when we throw down our crutches!
Keep fighting the good fight!