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I have not gambled since July 21 which is such a big accomplishment for me. I am working towards recovery whereas in the past when I quit it was always about abstaining from gambling without putting supports in place. Every day I feel more and more confident in my ability to stay gamble free. I know I still have a ton of work to do on myself but I am no longer feeling the desperation and preoccupation with gambling that I felt after I decided I needed to stop.
nKin’s thread has been so helpful to me in his posts about how once you are a compulsive gambler you can never gamble responsibly. I believe this 100% and know from past experience that this is how I have always justified gambling again (“I had my timeout and my brain is good, I can spend $60 and then walk away”). Because I am a compulsive gambler, I will never be able to just walk away from gambling a little bit.