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So I saw "the landlord" today. He called me to ask me to step out and he was too busy to come in the bank. "I won’t have a receipt for you." That OK, i tell him, I already wrote one up. I step out when he rings back. " I really need the cash to pay for something for my daughter."
I handed him a pen and the reciept."Oh, you don’t trust me anymore." That’s right, I tell him. I don’t.
He gives me the leering look, "You sure look good today but I’m too tired." I couldn’t say a word, I’m two feet from the door of my job with customers coming in and out. "Why didn’t you answer when I called?" I was busy,nowI have to get back to work.
Why did’t I tell him his company wasn’t worth $5000?
Weak, well next time maybe.