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Lovely post idi. To be frank when I thought about it I also thought I was being a bit snobbish too. See my post on 3raser,s. I am glad I inspired you, it is nice food! Yes, it was a question of survival back then. But the hardships and there some real tough times, motivated me to study and work. I swore I would never be in poverty again cos it nearly killed me. I got my masters finally when I had cancer. It took me from 1989 to 2012 with all the modules and high cost. I actually asked if it was a record… I was diagnosed one week before my daughters wedding and it was like, give me a break! Coupled with the relationship going at the same time I chose to destroy myself and see who would attempt to stop me. No one did. But the why’s and wherefores of cause are firmly in the past now. We have chosen recovery and to make amends by focusing on what is important in life. We have honesty and hope and we can become emotionally stronger better human beings driven by love. That sounds corny a bit but you know what I mean.