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Hello IDI, it is late for me but I managed to have a long afternoon nap. I’m not sure what your work situation is exactly so that makes me hesitant to say too much about it. However, if you will still be financially stable (as long as you don’t gamble) and it will give you the time and space to devote to yourself and your family, I can’t see that being a bad thing. I missed big chunks of time with my kids that I will never get back.
Working on ourselves can also be time consuming and if you can give yourself some space to do it that is great.
Gambling changes our brains. When we stop it takes a long time for things to come back to some semblance of normal. Chemicals are shifting and changing. Emotions so strong. But eventually the gambling fog clears and you can see things the way they are. I’ll try and do some digging for a resource that explained what I’m trying to say much clearer. I referred to it a lot in my early days.
I can understand using gambling to escape feeling the emotions of losing someone. Many GA members that I knew crossed the line into addiction with the loss of a loved one.
Be proud of your 25 days, they have come with a lot of hard work on your part. Take care IDI, Laura