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Hello San

I am a CG !!

In the past I have weaved the most extraordinary web of lies and deceit; I found myself capable of constructing the most fantastical of tales to fuel my addiction.

I’m not making excuses for either myself or your son; I can’t really explain it, other than to say that obsession is an extremely powerful thing – it can consume you to the point where you are a living, breathing shadow of who you truly are.

You are doing completely the right thing – I hope that you can move forward and safeguard your son and yourself. If you ever doubt what you are doing, then don’t – there are people who took a very hard line with me; I found it exceptionally hard at the time but now I am enormously grateful beyond words – your son definitely WILL be the same one day.

Best wishes as Monique so eloqently put for ALL aspects of your life