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Hey K:  Thanks for your post on my thread.  I am very annoyed with myself for not being stronger. My husband has never actually initiated this before (going to the casino that is), so while he’s been insensitive, it’s not something I’ll have to work on as a new issue.  I think he shocked himself with his own lack of control.  For once, I wasn’t the one who had broken the bank, it was him.  Although he still found a way to blame everything on me. 
You’re right, I won’t be sorry, I will be smarter.  At the end of it all, while I am shattered by the loss of money, I can still see the progress I’ve made in the past two years.  I’ve gambled much less this year than in a long time, and while my behaviour is not optimum, I won’t besmirch my progress with negativity.  I’m not letting myself off the hook, but spiralling into a depressed, self-flagellating fiend only serves to bring me down, and eventually give myself permission to go more often.  So … one more slip, but this is where it will have to stay.  There will be no binge … no relapse. 
On the up side, I’ve just returned from the hair salon and I’m feeling SASSY!!!!  I’ve so missed pampering myself in this annus horriblus.  That is another reason that I can’t believe my weakness.  I’ve suffered so financially due to the economy, you’d think I’d have more respect for money.
I’m sorry that your lads lost.  I know the feeling of having your team lose.  I know the hole in the pit of your stomach, the wanting to cry, the bitterness at the celebrating opponents.  But … this too shall pass.  There is ALWAYS next year 🙂
Love and thanks.
RGMay you be safe and happy.  May you be peaceful.