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sorry for the feeling of sadness P. I noticed that you started feeling the feelings when you had urges. Perfectly normal I think to grieve for what gambling did to our lives and the consequences we continue to face. Feel the feelings and letting them go… feelings are just that and we can move on to new feelings in a moment. I hope I’m not coming across as trying to over simplify or make small your feelings of sadness. No one should feel sad all the time. Maybe talk to your counsellor about what you feel is an underlying state of sadness. I think sometimes that it’s the most kind and sensitive people who get overwhelmed with feelings. After all there is so much going on in the world around us. I’ve also struggled with feelings and anxiety that was almost paralysing when I think back on it. I’ve developed better coping mechanisms over the years and been able to move forward quite a bit, I don’t get quite so overwhelmed. Stay strong, keep working on you lovely! Hopefully the morning finds your clouds have passed and the sun is beaming! xo