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Hello my dear friends
Hello my dear dear velvet
A little up date
Im ok . Everything goes well with my cg . He is still free, and he goes to the councelor 2 times now in a month not every week . I spoke to the councelor and he said to me : ‘ your hb is a winner and you both are winners because the feelings and the love is still here” The gambling is far now …you are both special”
My daughter still has medical issues but thanks god she is going very well .
As velvet for my brother (the person of my life) he got a divorce 2 months now . He was devastated, He passed all the feelings I had and I recognize to him all the steps . Now he is still has Unger but he is so strong he tries to stand up for the right reasons. His wife had an affair with a 55 year old man reach and my brother didn’t know anything at all and he found 2 months now he ended the marriage immediately . he has the 50% of the custody and all 100% the education custody . He is with his sons and the counselor said that he is devastated but so strong and so wise to handle the situation. But my brother and I speak truly , he is devastated because his first dream was the family . A nice real family . He was in love with his wife and of course his wife denied everything and wanted my brother buck and the affair also . Both together . Anyway the issue was the money because the other man is so so reach and she wants money. But I want to say that is was 2 difficult months because when my brother said to me : “I think I need your help to stund up…” the game started for me and all the feelings were there once again ….I recognize again the anger the lies betray everything ….
I can say v that I from all the gambling problem ia can say that if a couple devorse it is not both fault . IT IS NOT .
She had a mystic affair ……if and I say if a couple have problems they must speak and communicate the problems, if the cannot fix it they devorse with respect . when someone goes have sex with someone else with an affair it is her decision and of course her fault because she choose it . Sh could first communicate the problems and then divorce with respect and then find a new man …But she said to me that the other man has moneyyy …and here in Greece is the issue…
Anyway if you see my update you will realize that I speak for my brother , sorry for that but he is a very important person for me
I still work in the red. My hb and I we work 24 h . All the hours . You all know the crisis here but the fealing is disaster , fear , and we need anything to have hope . It is so hard with no money nothing …Please god helps us stay at Europe …..
I miss you v , and im tired for all the continuously problems…but I know that is life and I know inside me I want to feel all the feelings life has for me ..

I will write and update soon … im going to leave my employees free now to get rest because they have to vote to another area ..
With all my love