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Glad you’re here.

Have you joined local Gambler’s Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous locally in person yet? I recommend you do.

You’ve made the first step. Please keep posting here and keep writing — if you haven’t talked to anyone on live support on this website, please do that as well. Someone can talk to you live. You’re not alone.

I was 19 when my down hill gambling habits with Forex Markets were born and I couldn’t control the urges to bet huge and wait til I lost to stop … bet small amt of money maxed out sizes made huge and lost it all.

I’ve only been on here and other FB groups for gambling support for a week and i’ve taken every chance I get to journal or talk to someone when i get an urge to do something I know I shouldn’t and it’s made a HUGE difference. Deep deep layers of depression and pain coming to the surface and being cleansed.

I know you feel numb to any sense of self worth or emotional connection with other things in your life right now, but hang in there. There is a light, there is a way out where you come out alive and have a much, much better life. You’re going to become a much stronger person because of this.

Strengthen your connection with your heart and mind — if you haven’t ever before, start learning about health, connecting with your breathing, etc. You need many weapons/tools to fight and defeat gambling. Don’t get discouraged if one alone doesn’t do the trick — load up your arsenal!

Much love and support <3