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      Yesterday I gambled and in all honesty it wasn’t just yesterday it was the last 5 days, I am a compulsive gambler and I always will be I know that but as to why I decided to gamble all I can say is I wanted to. I had been in a great mind set and things were going well but over the last few weeks I had been having strong thoughts of gambling and had managed to fight them of but then in the end I gave in to my addiction and made the choice to gamble. So here I am and it is where I know I need to be to gain as much support, help and understanding from fellow compulsive gamblers with me sharing and listening, I said to a very good friend yesterday I don’t think I have the energy to start over at my recovery but after thinking about it that is all I want to do so I will put in as much energy and effort as it takes and will enjoy my recovery like I did before. Thanks for listening and wish you all well, take care, Maverick. P.S I have dropped the love part as a couple of people have told me it offends but for those people I would just like to say there are many types of love in the world and it doesn’t mean I want to marry you and after all I am a married man….. well I am at the moment unless the wife comes in later and asks for a divorce due to my recent gambling spree and in all fairness she would have every right.

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