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      Been trying to get onto the chat groups for friends and family but it comes up an errot theres no one on there on my page and when i try to type it tells me its unsupported and im timed out! Help been waiting all night to chat to someone ???

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      Hi Denise

      Im sorry your having problems connecting to the groups, Can I ask what browser and version your using? can you try and enter another group, if this message appears please print the screen and email the copy to, Ill see if we can work out whats wrong for you.

      Take Care


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      Hi Denise

      We suspect you are using AOL, if this is the case please switch to a different browser such as firefox or google chrome as AOL has many issues when accessing our site.

      Kind Regards

Aktuálně jsou na stránce zobrazeny 2 vlákna odpovědí
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