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      no soul

      Hi to one and all. I have been plagued by this gambling illness ever since I was five. All my child hood memories are gambling related. Gambling is the only thing that I have lived and breathed for the past 35 years. It has dominated, controlled and made me who I am today ( a worthless nobody). It has made me bankrupt twice, put me in a mental institution, taken my sanity and left me destroyed, confused and soul less. I have tried suicide on a couple of occasions, but unfortunately still around. I have been in and out of GA for the last 23 years often attending twice a week. I have tried CBT, trained Councillors, hypnosis, the list is endless. No one can help or maybe its a question of I can’t succeed. In a last ditch attempt to save me from the mortuary slab, I have applied to GM for rehab, but my negativity and past tells me that not even this can help me arrest this baffling and insidious disease. My Demons tell me that there is no hope left, I’m consumed by this illness, it will not let me be free, I should carry on and destroy myself. As most of us are probably aware, we genuinely believe that the problem is the solution. Can GM really help or am I just a lost cause? Thanks in advance for any replies. Kind Regards No Soul baz

Aktuálně je na stránce zobrazeno 0 vláken odpovědí
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