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      Hi ,I dont know if this will help anyone but here is my story.
      I have gambled all my life, from fruit machines when i was a young kid to horses and bookies as i grew. Every day for 31 years or so i would bet if i had any money and torture myself with imaginary bets when i didnt. I spent hours looking at form and odds most days, neglecting relationships and work. I went through more jobs than i could count, mainly bar jobs where i would steal money to bet. I would bet my food money and would go days without eating.
      When i look back at my late teens and early twenties the core memory is of crushing lonelyness and being hungry and skint. I moved to London when i was 18 to look for work, which i found easily enough and i didnt go home for four years as i couldnt get the fare together because of gambling. One year i had the money together and the ticket bought when i lost it all in a bookies in tooting bec. That was 25 years ago and i can still remember the crushing collapse as i chased a loss into the ground. I stayed in my bedsit and went hungry.
      I could tell 1000s of stories like that and much worse but i would only depress my self and anyone who reads this.
      I moved back to Ireland and continued to bet constantly although i was earning well. I even opened my own bookies in a seaside village and layed a book at the tracks as my father had. That went predicatably.
      I took action starting with self excluding from all the online accounts i had, but i still used the bookies when i got the chance. One day last november, i cleaned a chimney in the snow, three stories up. I got paid 35 euro and went to a bookies and put it on a horse. That was the last bet i ever had and ever will.
      I cant remember the first horse and i cant remember the name of the last horse i backed but i know this i will never backed another. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
      DanThe only way to get the devil to fold is to look him in the eye

Aktuálně je na stránce zobrazeno 0 vláken odpovědí
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