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Angelina Jolie would be a good choice Monica! Your daughter’s dad sounds like the typical street angel -house devil . I have lived with one of those for my whole married life – until very recently when my son explained to me what it cost him.
It is pleasant now but I wonder how I could insist on better things for my son and accept such a horrible life for me .
( in retrospect I was wrong of course it was equally horrible for my son).
I admire you for having the courage to move on.
It is so good that your daughter didn’t repeat the cycle and I think that is completely down to you, and your strength. Once again the unsinkable Mrs Brown comes to mind .

I feel you didn’t have any choice Monica but to work- what was the alternative . Your own experience of growing up with little meant you knew and understood the difference money can make in young people ‘s lives. Only people who don’t know what it is like to go without have the privilege of being able to say money doesn’t matter – it is not materialist or escapist to work hard for your kids.
You did what you needed to do and in the end I guess juggling all those balls and feeling that you were never where you should be cost you .

You have done well Monica – you have raised kids who come to you with their problems (one of the joys of motherhood lol). You are a shining example of resilience and determination.

I am interested – is there any one person or group of people from your childhood/youth who believed in you and helped inspire that great belief you have in yourself ?