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Do the next right thing! Sometime I struggles, many times in the past, what I think, and feel was the right thing to do turn out to be the wrong thing. 

I cannot see which and what is the next right thing today, I was very unsure about my immediate decision on work and money because there were 2 voices inside me. One says take control of the situation and make my own decision, the other says let go completely, let go of self-will, don’t fall into the trap of self-will run riot.

One was a familiar voice that always ask me to take control of the situation and go ahead to do it, it sounded like the same voice that ask me to go ahead and gamble every single time. I feel safe with this voice, it was familiar, predictable and selfish.

The other voice asks me not to take matter into my hand and trust a Higher Power. There was no safety net or secure feeling at all, I was just relying on my faith, belief and trust in God and the program. frankly I was fearful and afraid.

Which voice is telling the truth? Am I giving myself excuses and justifying my action? Am I being self-righteousness? Am I being lazy and looking for excuses?

A strong voice inside tells me to choose the responsible message. But both sounded responsible, and self-centered to me. I become confused.

One thing was very clear in the first voice, there is No God, I was my own power. In the second one, there may be feeling of uncertainty and fear, but it was all about trusting fully in a Higher Power, and that Higher Power was not me.

I hope I made the right choice.