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As i am still young and 25 years old i would like to learn more for this if you want to share of course. I read all your story and i can relate in some way. My dad was a gambler for over 8 years and he was lying to us to his family. He went in debt around 20k and my mother had to borrow money from relatives in order to pay the debt. Moreover i had to decrease my own expenses and this affected me too. Here i am now being a gambler too but fortunately i did not affect somebody’s life except my own. So here is my big and deep question. Why you started at the first place??? I read your sentence “Despite all that I had, I was not content – I was not happy and clearly am still not”. I wonder if you have so much money and a house and a beautiful family what more you want from your life? What is the trigger here? Maybe boredom or just greed or what? It’s really difficult for me to understand this part of gambling. This is a huge step for you registering here. I really believe you can change your life. Thank you for sharing your story and i hope i can help you too despite my young age.