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Hi Carole, Thanks for your post. I understand the insomnia as I haven’t slept well for the past week. I am in the city till Saturday evening as we are celebrating my Grandson’s birthday then. I get into ruts were I could stay in my pj’s all day and I have at times. I try to keep busy even when I haven’t slept. My Daughter isn’t moving to my new town. The company she works for hired her full time at the salary she requested and she now has good health care insurance for herself. There aren’t too many jobs where I live. Either you work in the food industry or one of the stores in town. A few people have their own businesses. The town has a lot of elderly, retired people, but there are some young families. She couldn’t find a job there where she makes the money she does in the city. She is planning to buy a house in the city towards the end of the summer. The estimated population of my town consists of 8 smaller towns in our region plus ours. I am commuting until school is out the last of May. Next year his parents will put him in a afterschool program. This summer he will be spending some time with me but he will be going to karate camp and a sports camp during the summer months. My Daughter and her best friend since high school are going to Peru this summer for 2 weeks to do some hiking, ect… so he will be staying with me. We have a community pool and other things to keep us occupied and I told him that we might go on a road trip through the northern part of Arizona. I think that it is good that you are in charge when and if you see Danny. That way you are not living in limbo and you have control of the situation. Honestly, if I had to get a job it would be hard for me. I am not saying I wouldn’t get one but it would be a entry level job. I worked for the same company for 28 years but what I did isn’t something that I could go to another company and do. What I am trying to say is that even though you have good qualifications, it must still be hard to get back into the workforce. But I have no doubts that you will find a job that suits you. Take care of yourself.