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Hi Kpat casinos are adapt at reeling us in. Making us feel special. The freebies , the comps the “vip” treatment all made to make us feel at ease as we blow our brains and bank accounts out in the casinos. I remember having a VIP dinner with a online casino. They met me. Nice chaps I suppose. I was a high roller (mug) they paid for every thing , put some money in my online account. But by then the cracks were starting to show. I looked a bit shabby. I was stressed. I am sure they picked up on it. By the end of the meal I was uncomfortable. They were checking me out. Trying to gauge what I was worth. And by that time much of my then fortune was already squandered. It is good we see it for what it is. And so positive you have your husband by your side. You can and will support each other.

You do not need gambling in your life. And you can and will overcome this!!