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I have been on quite strong pain killers to be honest Monica – I detest taking tablets but I didn’t want to miss work. I think they knocked me out – it’s the first time I have fallen asleep mid group. I am taking a fraction of the prescribed dosage – but I alway feel any meds are heavy on the system .

You will find you get to know people in groups . When the groups get too large they are not as good , but we can still learn from others experiences and advice. I was at an earlier group also tonight .

So I am almost on day 8- it has been pretty painless – week 2 – I like when I can ***** in weeks – it is kinda motivating . I continue to be mindful that some people for whatever reason are not conducive to my recovery . I see it, acknowledge it and then it loses its power over me . I have recently learned that People do not like to lose power over you ! That however is their business not mine .
I am very grateful to everyone who has posted me and supported me .
Harry I will make it to a chat next week- thank you for taking the time to post me . I just realised that since our chat I haven’t gambled ! I have cut off something on my phone which was allowing me to bypass my gambling blocker – unfortunately it also means I cannot access chat during the day .
Charles thank you for your continued support – I know I haven’t always been grateful for it , and didn’t always agree with you – mostly because I knew better ( and that worked out well for me lol) – but after many years I am thinking maybe you do talk a little sense after all!

I am happy – I am hopeful – I am aware .