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Nine days until payday!
The finances aren’t as healthy as I had hoped but still ok – something came out which I hadn’t expected for another few days. I like seeing big sums in there – I find it motivating.
Having said that next week there will be four months of savings in my savings account.

Most of my outgoings are debt repayments and have been for quite sometime – this is something I need to get in hand- I have decided to do a cheap upgrade in my kitchen because I simply cannot afford all I want to do . On the bright side I will be able to do this very soon and it will bring my home up to an acceptable standard .

I have this idea when there is money in the bank that I am rich – I think it is after living without money for so long . I still neeed to do a full inventory of my debts etc and perhaps come to an arrangement to pay them off quicker .

That’s about it – life is pretty good !