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Hey girlfriend
I dont even know who tommy haas IS!!!!! ….but if he was checkin you out – then the man must have a great eye, and good taste!!!!!! LOL (so, did he win his game?)
Glad you had a cool weekend. Sorry to hear your mojo might’ve gone walkabout a little (still), but might i remind you ….. THAT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL! Mojo’s have a habit of doing that!!! But then they miss you, and they come back!
We all know you’re not really superwoman, though you do a fine impression of one hehe. You dont have to be!!! Life really IS the roller-coaster ride kathryn, and without the lows, we’d NEVER appreciate the highs. Roll with it babe – and remember too……kids go back to school next week (YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE)!!! It will be nice to get back to the routine (yes i know that involves me getting up about 2 hours earlier than i do during school hol’s, but i’ll deal with it!!!).
I STILL dont have the kids school uniforms sorted… but frankly I dont care WHAT they wear on the first day back. I just know I’ll be skipping in those school gates with all the other mums, eager to kiss their little faces GOODBYE! lol
and BTW…. yay, to ‘no thoughts of gambling’! You rock!
Love ya much. Love and light
Meg xxxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"