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Thank you Micky, Harry and Liberty,
Residential therapy really was an eye opener and all of us considered ourselves very lucky to be there.
One of the things we did the most was laugh! Believe it or not! ! In fact sometimes it was hysterical laughter! Most of us had forgotten how! This played a huge part in releasing all the bad stuff that we’d built up inside ourselves over the years. When we told each other tales of things we’d done when at our most desperate, they actually seemed funny and we could not believe we’d even done them!!
It really proved to us how much we’d been consumed by gambling. We had tears too, plenty of them. But they were needed just as much as the laughing.
On a serious note, none of this would have worked had it not been for Ruth, Jane and Liz and all their expert hard work. They’ve made us see the world in a different light. Almost like we’ve been reborn.
Which we have.