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i signed up to a math refresher course 2 weeks ago and haven’t even looked at the first question, only because i have been sat every minute possible in front of a screen waiting for a goal to be scored, win or lose i would then be picking out my next selections and driving off to place the bet. Something you said also about eating junk food, that is something i do when gambling, when i am not gambling i am health conscious, i work out and feel good. when i gamble i eat food on the go and my health takes a bettering. The two clearly go hand in hand. work becomes difficult as you are constantly wanting time to get a bet on and then your mind is thinking about the result, if you lose you don’t want to be around your colleagues you just want to get another bet on….all these little but life changing negatives get forgot about when you haven’t gambled for a bit and get the urge, all you think about is the rush. as compulsive gamblers, there is only one way that placing a bet is going to go for us, no ifs and buts it will ALWAYS end in disaster and chaos. never lose sight of that and strive for that year goalpost 🙂