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      Hi everybody, my husband has been gambling for the past 6 years now. He divorced when I met him and his ex wife kept the house and he was left with all the debts. He put some money in northern rock shares and lost a lot of it and then was stupid enough to do this a few days after to loose even more. Since then he’s been gambling often and has probably racked up £50000 worth of debt. I have to admit though I have a feeling this figure is a lot higher but I’m far too scared to know. I’ve caught him at it many times and every time he’s promised me he won’t do it again and every time that promise is broken. He started about a yr ago going to ga. unfortunately a few months ago I found he’d been gambling again and he admitted that for the past weeks he’d been sitting in macdonalds car park instead. He started going to meetings again but unfortunately when he was showing me his bank statement (like he has requested that I check on) he was trying to hide something which was obviously his gambling. I found this on my birthday which didn’t brighten the spirits! I really do not know what to do? He has a very good wage along with mine as a second wage but he has a massive problem with the house his ex still has. I’m not bothered about the bricks, I want a “home” to bring our 9 month beautiful son who we had to go through ivf to conceive si as you can imagine we’ve been through so much. I don’t know where to go from here, I’m fed up with the promises that he never keeps. He’s asked me to look after his cards which I’ve done, he has gamblock on his laptop but unfortunately this can not go on a phone and I think that and the betting office are the weakness. Whatever programme you watch there is constantly a betting advert on so I do understand the temptation. Whilst typing this I’ve just heard him cancelling his phone so he won’t have Internet on his phone but he’s lost all my trust. Sorry to blab on on here but ive realised I have no one to talk to as they would all tell me to get out but I have my son snd want to fight for this marriage.

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