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Dark Energy

Money, let’s talk about it. because I believe we have the same issue.

with money, I always end up in this loop.
A. after a gambling relapse, I will lose every penny that I have access to.
B. being in that condition will trigger all my insecurities, what if I lost my job, what if I get sick or a family member gets sick, alongside with the insecurities comes the hopes and dreams, I need to move to a better house, I need to get married, I need to grow up financially.
C. as a fast solution I will take a loan, either to keep it as an emergency saving or to arrange my financial situation like combining loans or buying a car, or use that money for investment ..etc
D. and I end up with some good amount of money under my control, and this will trigger the urge to trade, what if I put 1000$ into my trading account.. and we all know the result. I will back again to point A, and the loop continue.

I need to break this loop.