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Dear (((P)))! I am having my morning coffee and of course that makes me think of you. I have not been sleeping well so that affects my daily life in so many ways like motivation. Yesterday it was above zero, so it would have been a perfect day to go for a walk and some air, but of course I didn’t go. I can manage my eating but am so lazy when it comes to things like walking. We had big winds last night and I have one cat who is timid and skittish. Every time the wind would hit the open window in my bedroom, the cat would jump. That didn’t help me sleep as it woke me up. They sleep pretty much the whole day and are chasing each other when I go to bed. I love their company and their cuteness. They tell me when I should get up in the morning. Both of them hover around my face and the one cat at times pokes me to get up, or makes repetitive noises so that I wake up. Pets are such a blessing, and two of them is twice the fun!! Carole