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It seems we r all missing those improvements that we had in our lives. They have made a difference and we miss them when they r no longer there. I certainly do and I notice the effects of not having them.
My view on The Secret, you can keep on saying I am this or I am that but without inner Change and dealing with stuff it gets stopped and won’t happen. I always think that our higher selves or God, however you view your higher power, knows what’s best for us and that we should always surrender to that. Bringing in desires sometimes just feeds the ego. It gets it and then it wants more or something else. Never satisfied and the road to hell and ruin. I am very dubious about it although I get the law of attraction as I have seen synchronous energy at work ie like attracts like. We should have a debate on it in chat. It sometimes reminds me of Canute and the waves, ie you can keep on saying it over and over again, ie I am calm, I am abundantly wealthy etc but if you haven’t dealt with your underlying anger or maybe poverty consciousness it is just like Canute and the waves. Pointless.
Yes, it is nice to get out and meet people, we are social beings, and I am glad u got the opportunity to do that. Me and you meet on housework, see my thread just now…